23 September 2007

At the Gate

I'm waiting at the gate in Houston; it feels a lot like my Italy departure, just without all the (soon-to-be) familiar faces.

In the past two days I've had two fantastic send-off parties: one in College Station and one in Klein.

The party in College Station was great. It was the kind of sendoff that makes me wish I could leave every day. It was terrific to see everyone. Back in Klein, the 'six pack' saw me off on Windrow with a steak dinner. I can't think of a better way to enjoy my 'last supper.'


I just opened my backpack, and, in what's become a tradition on my departures, my mom somehow slipped a gift into my carefully-packed backpack. The pocket piece she got me when I went to Italy is missing in action, so she got me one to replace it.

It's strange that some of the people I'm going to miss the most were total strangers last time I left from this terminal. I'm excited to meet an entirely new set of friends and classmates. I'm excited to study subject matter that's almost entirely foreign to me. I'm excited to become a Londoner in a matter of mere hours. I'm excited to find my 'Es Muss Sein.'

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