25 September 2007

Brick Lane & Firstnight

Last night I took my first trip to Brick Lane (aka The Curry Mile). This is the spot for Indian food in London. Each restaurant has a 'promoter' that drums up business by making deals with passers-by. We passed up the 25% discount that was offered to us, we also passed on the £9 set menu, and finally settled on 30% off of menu prices and free beers for everyone at the table at Red Chilli. The food was great, the service was quick, and the beer was free; what more could a guy ask for?

On Sunday, the flatmates and I had dinner with some neighbors a few blocks down. [The flatmates already knew these neighbors.] They cooked us a fantastic meal, which was much appreciated on my first night in a new town. We had beef & broccoli, chicken & mushrooms, chocolate cake for dessert, and nice conversation. After we got home, I had one of the best night’s sleep I think I’ve ever had.

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Peter said...

I would just like to point out that at our dinner event on Brick Lane the wait staff ate dinner a few tables down from us at the same time that we did. I'm not making some sort of value judgment about this, I'm just making a declaration of fact.