27 September 2007

Dover's White Cliffs, Fish & Chips, and French Proximity

We're on our return train from a great trip to Dover. I had my first exposure to fish and chips, which was probably best to have in a place so close to water. No fish sticks at the Park Inn: this was the whole fish: scales, bones, and all...battered and deep fried.

The cliffs are, in fact, white, and soft enough to support the drilling of a network of (formerly) secret tunnels that were used in the Napoleanic wars and both world wars. How do I know as much as I do about these tunnels? Derrick. Derrick was our tour guide through the tunnels, and apparently moonlights as a standup comedian. He had all sorts of jokes and puns and, thankfully, laugh breaks in his 'act.'. He was extremely knowledgeable and also guides a 3-hour 'tunnel ghost tour' on weekends. (Get your tickets soon.)

I was surprised at how close we were to France. While standing atop one of the confirmedly-white cliffs, my BlackBerry had no UK reception and was instead connected to several French networks. With very little squinting, France was plainly visible across the way. Maybe I'll start preparing to make the leisurely 22-mile swim across.
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