18 October 2007

Minutes of the LARA Meeting

I'm in my LARA meeting and am amazed that this meeting runs exactly like the House of Commons. If you've ever seen the HoC on C-SPAN, you know how much moaning and desk-banging is involved in the British legislative process.

We're having elections at the moment, and after every question that's put to each candidate, a tremendous roar of moans is emitted by the membership. After the result of each election is announced, the membership again roars, banging on their respective desks with their non-dominant hands and holding their lagers with their dominant.

As I write this on my BlackBerry, two candidates (one male, one female) are arm wrestling for the position of Social Secretary. This was, of course, approved in advance by an unofficial 'call for moans' from the membership.

Further, the election for Web Officer is now taking place, and the candidate has just made the following campaign promise: "I'd really like to make a proper web site for LARA, but I'll probably just make a shit one." The candidate has now been asked if he was involved in Watergate, whether he's the Web Officer for the Communist Party, or whether he's the Web Officer for any facist organizations.

And finally, a question from the membership: "Would the man on the right (who just described himself as a drunk) describe himself as a mentalist?"

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