20 October 2007

Rugby World Cup in Paddington

I'm watching the rugby World Cup Finals in Paddington. There are about ten minutes left and it doesn't look good for England.

Assuming the people in this pub constitute an accurate sample of the English population, I can say with great certainty that the English take rugby more seriously than Americans take any sport. Sure, we tailgate and sit in front of the television all day Sunday, but right now I'm surrounded by toothless men singing songs, the lyrics to which are unintelligible.

On another note, one of the opposing players just left the field at the referee's insistence. He didn't seem to know why. Despite having no visible cuts or scratches on his face, blood is streaming out from behind his eyes and down his confused face. Either this South African gentleman has received the Stigmata, or it's time for him to call it quits. I assume that the latter is more likely.

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