14 November 2007

Déjà Vu: Another Weekend Excursion

How quickly they become ‘blog slackers…’

It feels like it’s been years since I’ve made one of these ‘weekend excursions.’ I’ve dusted off my North Face backpack, dug up a packing list from earlier this year, and have made another itinerary.

No longer leaving with the six-member or four-member ‘travel group,’ J and I are headed to Paris in the morning, the early morning. I’ll be awake for two hours and sixteen minutes before the sun finally rises in London. We’re going to be on a new train service whose maiden voyage was today; the trains are now leaving St. Pancras in London at 186 miles per hour. Sure, that’s fast, but it won’t be the fastest train I’ve been on (France’s TGV broke a world record at 357 miles per hour. Put it in kilometers per hour for a more impressive result: 574.8)

I know even less French than I do Italian; anyone who’s heard me attempt to speak any Italian will know how little that really is. But fortunately I have my index finger, which has proved indispensable in situations in which I’ve found myself linguistically crippled.

Tout al'heure.

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