06 November 2007

How to Save a Life

I owe you entries:
- Another Day, Another Dinner
- Guy Fawkes
- Course Update

But, for now, I'll talk about the week's selection (or lack thereof) of live music. I'm writing from the Hammersmith Apollo, a venue at which I was supposed to spend three evenings this week. Unfortunately, Wilco cancelled last night's show due to chicken pox. I don't know what 'chicken pox' is a euphamism for in Rock 'n Roll terminology, but I'm nearly certain that it has nothing to do with a skin condition. As I remember, I and almost everyone I know got the chicken pox out of the way in the mid- to late-eighties. Why one of Wilco's members waited till now is beyond me.

So, the Wilco cancellation was pretty disappointing, but I still had Pete Yorn (with The Fray) and The Shins to look forward to.

Pete (not Yorn) and I got off at the Hammersmith tube stop and headed toward the Apollo. Not having had dinner, we hunted/gathered for subsistenance. Passing up kebab and other fried things, we ended up at the El Paso Mexican Restaurant. Pete (not Yorn) spoke nothing but Espanol to the waitstaff the entire time. And the food was just like it is at home, only completely different: instead of tortilla chips, my platter was served with onion rings and Pete's (not Yorn's) had a side of chips (no, not the kind of chips you're thinking about, they were french fries.)

As our tickets were scanned and we walked into the lobby, we noticed hastily-made signs posted indicating that Pete Yorn was no longer accompanying (The Fray) and that he'd been replaced by someone named Terra something-or-other. So, here's my theory: Wlco & Pete (Yorn) got together and noticed that I'd purchased tickets to both of their shows. Deciding to play a little joke, they agreed that they'd both cancel their shows to see how I'd react.

Terra something-or-other has finished her portion of the show and the crew is taking her equipment off the stage and replacing it with that of (The Fray.) They're bringing each instrument out separately, which seems to be more exciting for the crowd. Two young gentlemen behind us shout with joy as each piece finds its way onto the stage. A stagehand rolls out a piano, and these two blokes shout at the top of their lungs, "It's The Fray's piano!!!" Out comes a set of drums, and what do we hear but, "It's The Fray's drums!!!" As you might imagine, the patten continues.

Like I mentioned earlier, The Shins are slated for tomorrow evening, but don't be surprised if the band comes down with monkeypox or SARS.

Well, the lights have just lowered and (The Fray) is ready to start. Wish me luck.

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