08 December 2007

In Alfriston

It's a gray sky morning here in Alfriston. We made it to the barn last night via cab, set down our bags, and made the trek into town.

This is a town of about 900 people, so we constitute a fairly significant portion of Alfriston's population this weekend. Five of us sat at a table at The Smuggler's Inn last night to have a Shepard's Pie and the waitress apologized for the wait, explaining that it was due to the fact that, "we all came at once."

The walk into and back from town is supposedly about 400m; I think it's probably 400m as the crow flies. Aside from a few small flashlights, the walk is made in near-complete darkness. I've never seen the stars like they were last night: not in the Rocky Mountains, not in a remote, Tuscan hilltown.

Also, the barn isn't exactly a barn. In fact, it's warm, comfortable, and has almost no barnyard animals.

If all goes according to plan, we're going to be hiking down to the coast today...rain or shine.

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