13 December 2007

Last Day of Term; Stuck on the Elevator


We’re stuck on the elevator. There are four of us (L, S, A, and I, all PPP students) and all stuck in the elevator in the philosophy building. The man on the other end of the emergency phone didn’t seem too concerned.

The best part of this story: as we waited for the elevator, we talked about how this was going to happen. I mentioned that I was going to ‘treat myself’ by taking the elevator, because it’s the last day of term. S then jokingly suggested that the elevator would probably get stuck between floors. Had this just happened without that coversation, it wouldn’t be so strange. That we had a discussion about it as we waited for the car to arrive is just surreal.

They might be calling the fire brigade, because the lift techs cannot be found. This has all been gleaned from overheard walkie-talkie conversations. It’s certainly comforting to know that I’m in a situation that requires the help of the fire brigade. Flight to Houston leaves in eighteen hours.

“Right, we’re gonna call the fire brigade now.”

“…the box. Yeah, someone’s been there.”

“Do you know when the fire brigade will be here?”

“um, I don’t know from what station they are coming. I don’t know.”

As far as we can tell, the fire brigade has arrived. At least, we hope it’s the fire brigade, because we hear the clanking of large, metal tools.

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