08 December 2007

The Perfect Storm

Now I can mark 'Ploghman's Lunch' off of my list of things to try. In fact, while I'm marking things off that particular list, I should mark off trekking along the coast in torrential downpour, as well. I literally cannot remember ever being in weather like this before. We walked through herds of sheep (which appeared to have been vandalized with blue and pink spray paint) and open fields as the air became saltier and saltier as we got closer to the coast. Our umbrellas were useless, and mine simply did not make it. The mangled contraption now sits on the porch of a pub. We were able to lean against the wind and it held us up perfectly, as the cows looked at us strangely.

After finishing his apple at the top of the cliff, S polled the group to be sure that throwing his apple core into the sea was acceptable. After getting our blessing, he chunked it over the cliff and, much to our surprise and awe, the wind violently returned the trash back over the edge of the cliff & over our heads. It landed about 50m behind us.

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