03 July 2008

Archipelago Picnic

We're on the ferry back to Stockhom from Grinda, where we spent the day. It's inacessible by car or train, so we got an archipelago boat tour. We took a dip in the water, which everyone's told us is suitable for drinking. While we didn't try drinking it, I can say that it was extremely cold.

M made a couscous salad, and we had mellon and prosciutto, and the 'Gold of Northern Sweden' brand beer. It's been a great day so far*.

Backlit Clouds

The ferry is pulling into port and a man next to me either made an obscene gesture toward a police boat next to us, or the Swedes have a very strange and angry way of saying 'hello.'

Now to enjoy a few more 'Gold of Northern Sweden' and a barbeque.

* I did break my backpack and stain all of my clothes with cantaloupe as a wave invaded our rock. These were two minor exceptions.
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