15 August 2008

A Hog Sandwich & a Fireball Flashback

I trekked to campus to get some work done today. Unfortunately, I didn't have a full battery, but this usually isn't a problem, as there are usually plenty of power outlets available. I took the only open desk on the second floor, plugged in my notebook, and realized that no power was flowing through the cord. It only took me a few seconds to realize that I was sitting at the very desk at which I'd started a small fire just a few months prior with a faulty power adapter (different from the one I was currently using).

I looked down at the outlet and saw the black mark, still etched in the metal, that was a reminder of the fireball that knocked out power to the library's second, third, fourth, and fifth floors in the middle of the exam period. All of the computers lost power instantly, all of the screens went black immediately, and all unsaved work was lost forever. As soon as the sparks subsided and the fireball evaporated, I hastily stuffed all of my belongings into my bag and snuck out through the stacks to exit the library, because I was sure that the students were interested in perpetrating some heinous act of violence against the person responsible for the blackout (think angry mob with pitchforks and torches). Fortunately, they never caught me.

On my return from a relatively uneventful day at the library today, I made a pass through the Covent Garden Night Market. The market operates on Thursdays and Friday in August, and is basically a small slice of Borough. I weaved in and out of the booths, snapping pictures with my poor, injured camera, but couldn't pass a hog strung up over an open flame without buying a roast hog sandwich for lunch.

After a swing by Fernandez & Wells for an afternoon fika, I met a small group of classmates-turned-friends at a great Gastropub near the Heath for a late dinner.

Fernandez & Wells, Moleskine Stamp

The movers came today, so we're without dishes for the next six days. If anyone is interested in taking a meal with me, just let me know.

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