30 September 2007

One Week Down

After one week here, I think I've got my bearings. I've been doing a lot of walking and wandering around; trying to get lost and then find my way back home without lugging a map of the city around. If you've ever seen the London tube map, you probably know that it has almost no resemblance to the city, itself: stations that are actually miles apart are practically on top of each other on the map, while stations that are close in reality appear inches apart on the map. So, any tube map is useless unless, of course, someone is actually interested in taking the tube.

I popped into the library for the first time yesterday on one of these walks, just to scope out the spot where I'd be spending a fair portion of my time this year. While I was there I had a chance to look over the course timetables for the term, and noticed that I'll have four-day weekends for the entire Michaelmas term: only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday classes. Not bad.

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