14 October 2007

Camden Market: Adams Morgan Meets Monastiraki

We just got back from Camden Market, which was eclectic to say the least. Most markets have themes: food, fashion clothing, antiques. Camden is a hodge podge: one can find Moroccan food and studded collars, Marxist books and that now-infamous Nutella crepe, even African masks and antique war uniforms mere metres apart. It was as though Athens’ Monastiraki was transplanted into DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood.

Of all the food available (Japanese, Mexican, Turkish, Moroccan, Italian, French, West African), I went with West African. I couldn’t muster the courage to try the goat this week, but maybe in the near future. A few years ago I had a pet goat, Willard. When I got to the front of the line to order, and was given the choice of goat or chicken, poor Willard popped into my mind, and so I could make no other choice than chicken.

Week two begins tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

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