10 October 2007

Week One: Complete (In a way)

Well, the first week is over; only nineteen more of these and a dissertation to go. The rest of this week will be spent in the library, preparing for week two.

Today I thought of what this experience would have been like before email, AIM, Facebook, or even international long-distance calling. Considering the amount of contact I've had with my friends and family back in the US, I can hardly imagine having to send letters that would go by boat to 'the colonies.' I don't know how I'd live with the fact that I'd have to wait weeks upon weeks for responses to my correspondence. In any case, I really do appreciate all the emails and messages that I've gotten; without fail, they brighten my day.

On a separate note, many have asked for pictures of Flat 36. Be assured that they will come in due time. There are a few parts of an 'installation' that are held up in the Royal Mail Strike. Once everything is put together and the living room project is complete, the photos will be unveiled on flickr.

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