06 October 2007

Report: Φ Party

The underground Philosophy Party was fun.

I guess that I'd come to expect any school-sanctioned "party" to be sterile and uninteresting. This is how school "parties" were in the States. I can just picture one of these now: everyone is standing around in a brightly-lit room having awkward conversation, while 25 pizza boxes sit untouched on a folding table in the corner of the room. (However, without fail, one box will be opened and one person will have devoured more than 50% of that particular pizza. There's always 'that guy.') Watches are checked constantly to determine how much longer this awkward misery will last.

Last night's underground party was much better. My classmates are great, there is a proper bar in the basement of the school, and our professors and department chairs were at the party without having to worry about the risk management issues that come with consuming alcoholic beverages in the vicinity of students.

I'm going to like it here.

Classes start bright and early Monday morning. But, until then, I'm headed to north London to a party that N,one of my coursemates, is having at his flat.

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