03 February 2008

A February Oktoberfest

Last night was Oktoberfest at LSE.

I had no idea what to expect from a February Oktoberfest at LSE. We all had such a great time, though. There were lederhosen, there was German beer, and there was a constant stream of authentic, German, pop music.

To make sure we celebrated this Oktoberfest properly, we had a gathering at the flat before we headed to the festivities on campus. The menu consisted of sausages (and mustard) and soft pretzels (and mustard). N picked up the pretzels from an authentic German grocery store in north London.

About halfway through dinner, I looked over at the photowall in our living room and saw the Hofbrauhaus logo staring back at me from a liter vat of beer in a picture. I realized that almost exactly one year ago, I was sitting in the Hofbrauhaus drinking that liter of beer (it could have been a Radler) and having a sausage and a pretzel (and mustard).


So, no matter where I am during the second week of February 2009 or whom I am with, the February Oktoberfest must go on.


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