13 April 2008

Blue Grotto

On Friday, we went to the Blue Grotto on the island's south shore. This is where we experienced reason number 5,208 to travel in the off-season. We got off a bus that wasn't crowed and made our way down the winding road to the grotti. Whereas in July we would likely had to have fought with tour-bus-loads of people to find a place to stand, in April we were able to find a naturally-formed bench next to a narrow, waterside footpath from which we could admire the bluegreen water and pack of purple jellyfish. [I'm sure jellyfish don't travel in packs, but I don't want to invoke 'school' while on vacation and 'gander' just sounds ridiculous.] There must've been 20+ jellyfish hanging out, floating about, gossiping.

Blue Grotto

We got a table in the shade at a nearby restaurant and each had a piece of fresh Grouper (one of two fish on the seasonally-determined menu). After some more climbing and exploring, we made our way back to the bus stop, but not before realizing that we were arriving at the stop an hour later than the last bus of the day was scheduled to arrive. But, as luck would have it, while we were deciding how to procede, an old, yelloworange bus pulled up to the stop to take us back to Valletta.

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