13 April 2008


We went to the Mdina yesterday (and no, there's no vowel missing from that word). I don't know why I expected any different, but I was surprised that it was just like Medinas in some nearby countries. There were high, white walls bordering the narrow streets which meandered and intersected in the most confusing manner possible. Luckily, the Mdina is small. Nearly-identical doors appeared infrequently; some concealed homes or shops, but others were hiding lush gardens from the passers by.

We had a light lunch (butter beans, sundried tomatoes, cheese from Gozo, Maltese sausages, some kind of eggplant compote/paste, and ricotta & herb ravioli) behind one of the Mdina's mysterious doors. Looking at the door to the cafe, it seemed like we could just as easily have been entering someone's house. When we did enter, though, we found two open-air dining areas and a lot of practical greenery. Why pratical greenery? All of the herbs and spices are grown the the vicinity of the dining tables.

We then headed to the cathedral. We elected to wait till after 15:00, when there was no entry charge. (Instead of the normal €2.33).
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