14 April 2008


We're on the ferry returning from our day trip to Gozo. We took a bus ride to the westernmost point on Malta to catch the ferry this morning. After just a few minutes on the bus, it started to rain. But within just a few minutes of our arrival on Gozo, the clouds melted away; the weather has been amazing ever since.

When we got off the ferry, there were dozens of cab drivers offering us €5 rides into Victoria (Gozo's main city). We almost took one, thinking we'd be able to navigate the island ourselves. Fortunately for us, Silvia found us before we had a chance to make that mistake. Silvia got us a driver for the day and a great itinerary. We climbed the tower of one of the islands basilicas, took in the ancient ruins of the Ggantija Temples, climbed through Calypso's Cave, 'made some pictures' at Marsalforn Bay, and saw the salt flats at the Dwejra Azure Window. The Azure Window is fantastic: it's one of those things that you only expect to see in travel brochures and never in person. I'm horrible at estimating distances, so it should suffice to say that this rock formation is massive. I imagine that if gods and giants played croquet, this would be the ideal wicket.

We're just pulling into port, so it's time to finish my Cisk and go downstairs to disembark.

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