30 June 2008

The First Post-exam Weekend

I'm just getting off of a bus at Trafalgar Square, returning from a party thrown by one of my professors.

Trafalgar Square is completely packed with people, balloons, and Spanish flags to celebrate a Eurocup victory. Every car that passes around the square honks to add to the noise.

The 'town square futbol celebration' is quite a phenomenon on this side of the ocean. We were in Nice 8 years ago when France won the cup, and the public celebration was enthusiastic: burning furniture, a woman carrying a chicken around, et cetera. As you'd expect, being in France for a French victory was a little different than being in England for a Spanish victory; but I have to say, there was a pretty great showing tonight.

I guess it's been a pretty 'Spanish' weekend, with tonight's futbol match and the two-day Tapas Fantasticas festival out by Brick Lane. I'm happy to report that the tapas (and Rioja wines) were, as advertised, fantasticas.

Now, it's time to pack for a trip to Tallinn and Stockholm; we're catching the first Stansted Express from Liverpool Street at 4:10am.
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