28 June 2008

Nowhere to go, but North

TFL's super-smart idea tonight has been to shut down all southbound tube services. I mean, I guess it seems reasonable for a city government to keep the citizenry (or subjectship, as it were) on its collective toes by randomly cutting transport services: it'll only make us more resourceful in the long run.

But, at least I'm getting a chance to do something I don't do all that often: ride in the front seat on the second level of a big, red bus, face pressed against the windshield.

Exams finished yesterday, which couldn't have come any sooner. After the exam, all having survived the same ordeal and late nights at the library and more espresso than might reasonably be expected to be consumed over the entire course of a season of the Sopranos, we spent the entire day at Lincoln's Inn's Fields just enjoying each other's company.

The bus is arriving at Trafalgar Square, so until next time...
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